$30k months – what’s next?

My business is making $30,000 per month. I’m a women’s weight loss coach and my team and I work 1:1 with clients for 16 weeks to lose 20-40 lbs.  This is my 4th year in business.

My brain is thinking…

What’s next?
Where do we go from here?
We want to “grow”, but what does that mean?
What should I do from here?

If I answer my own questions –
I’m unsure of what’s next and that’s okay.
I’m learning how to enjoy what I have and feel grateful for all my blessings.
The next step will be presented.
Our goal is to increase revenue and for me to work less.
I can ask for help on suggestions for where to go from here.

Got any suggestions? Lol

My brain wants to ask a business model question, but I’m telling myself I don’t even know what to ask here.

Business is doing great and I’m so proud of our growth. I love being here. I love my team. We do work hard. Our goal is to maintain our revenue at this new baseline and grow our revenue over the next year by double. Do I raise prices and stay steady since we enrol 20 one-on-one clients per month? Do I scale back and work with just 10 one-on-one clients? But my team can handle more. Should I create a new offering? A buy up to my current offer, or an evergreen?

I want to answer my own questions with guesses and I have up until this point and got myself here (with SCS of course), but is there someone who can help me with these types of questions?