£50k in 2021 (day 1)

For the last few weeks I’ve been working at expanding my belief that I can add £50k to my business before the end of the year. I made £5k of that in August. Great!  My question is about my action and follow through. I’m ready to take action, but my thoughts are:
My actions are not big enough.
I try different wordings for webinars and classes and get the same result.
Nothing I do changes anything.
People aren’t signing up.

My unintentional model is:
C – plan free webinar, create 3 Instagram posts about webinar, post podcast episode promoting webinar
T – no one is signing up
F – defeated
A – I don’t promote webinar
R – no one signs up

And writing it out I can see that it is obvious how I’m creating that result.  Another unintentional model:

C- No sign ups after podcast episode
T- they just listen to the free content and don’t sign up!!!
F- irritated
A- I don’t ask why they aren’t signing up, I don’t look at the data, I frantically check emails looking for sign ups, I don’t promote any more on Instagram
R- I produce free content with no sign ups

I think the reason why I think this is a problem is because my brain is asking, have I built an audience of people who don’t want to buy from me? And it’s like I don’t know what to do differently. What I thought would work did not work.