6 Outlined Steps on How To Solve Their Problem

Hi Brooke!

I hope this note finds you well 🙂 We got hit with yet another snowstorm here in the Northeast! Thinking Spring thoughts and just grateful to have power again. A man at Trader Joe’s said that he wasn’t emotionally prepared to be without power again and we cracked up together. It is amazing how we overlook the most simple basic things such as having hot water and turning on a light switch or being able to access the internet!

My question for you, is, in your video “Offers to Make Help” you say to follow the 6 outlined steps on how to solve your target market’s problem and to pick 1 of the 6 created and demonstrate and teach it to them.

I may be getting this confused with your 6 point outline from your video on Creating Value or is this what you were referring to about the 6 steps?

Would you mind giving me an example?

Thank you so much!