60 year old niche help

Hello, hello! I’ve used the Narrowing Your Niche Worksheet – and still having a hard time fitting into one of the three categories at the top of the sheet – finances, relationships or health. So – I’d like (love) to coach women in their 60’s who are having a hard time with the idea of being 60. I really feel that how a woman thinks about being in her 60’s will determine her experience of being in her 60s. I see so many friends, family and female students (I currently teach meditation classes) who talk old, think old, hold back from doing things because they think they might be too old, they miss their grown kids, are lonely, divorced, facing a suddenly unstructured life like a much younger self just graduating from college or high school and overwhelmed by their choices, feeling invisible, no longer feeling useful, some negative body (i.e. wrinkles, aches, diminished vitality) attitudes, and I’ve gone through a lot of that myself. I’m currently 60 – almost 61 – and this was a really hard birthday for me too. A lot of shit happened in the couple years before that birthday that rocked my world. I’ve never had a hard time turning any age – until this one. I’ve come through that – still a work in progress, of course – but I would really love to help women my age have healthy relationships with themselves, with their grown children, with other women/men their age, with aging parents, with life. I want to say, so, you’re 60-something. Yeah? So? You’re 60-something. Get over it. Wear it. Love it. Live it. Anyway – I have two questions about this niche: 1. Is it narrow enough? “I’d like to coach women in their 60’s embrace their age and live joyfully.” and 2. It feels to me like it’s mostly their mental, emotional, spiritual – and then consequently – their physical health that I can help them improve – so “Health” seems the best fit. I know I mentioned relationships above – but I think they would all improve in a woman’s life if her mental and emotional health were vibrant and clear. Am I off track with this? Is there a track? Yikes – I’m going around and around with it (have been for a couple months) and know I need to define this before I can move forward with being ready to make offerings. Thank you!