Setting Goals ( now vs Reality vs long term )

I would love some feedback on goal setting for business specifically around setting financial goals.

Let’s say for example you have a 300K business. You want to plan goals for the next year.
How do you normally decide what the next goal is?
( I would love your real life input here )
Do you say – Ok – I normally have a 40% increase year over year = so ill set a goal of 40% over the 300K?

Or do you go bold and set a goal to do 500K? ( because the bIG goal is to do 1 million even though your brain has o idea how to do that just yet )

But then if you set a goal for 500K – do you map out everything with back up goals ( such as ex – sell 10 of this 10K program – and 40 of this 2K program and 30 of this $500 course ) That always feels like micromanaging to me …

But without doing the above “numbers work” – how does one hit that goal of 500K ( other than taking action? you can take action all day long and not reach that goal if your numbers arent there yet )

I know this seems so simple – yet – for the past 5 years I have set goals and then didnt reach them … I AM reaching those goals – but it’s taking 2-3 years instead of 1 year ( because of course there are other factors such as sales/list size/ offers etc )

Working on my 2020 plans this week and looking forward to having new clarity