wainting for LCS vs go get it! (Karen)

Hi Brooke and team.
I am scheduled for the Coach certification training in May. Super excited!!! Up until this point, I have been “waiting” for training to begin any real coaching or promotion of my future business. I have established my company as an LLC, set up a bank account, obtained a credit card etc. The only “coaching” or putting myself out there thing I’ve done is to start a FB business page where I post valuable content every week. I do not have a website, email service or anything like that at this point.

I did have an opportunity present itself to participate in a health fair coming in April to set up a booth for my coaching practice. I accepted the opportunity, though I do not feel ready to obtain clients or even an email list since I do not have an email service or website or program as of yet. I was really waiting for my coach training to begin any of that stuff, but now I feel like I need to address these things and get moving even though I would prefer to wait for LCS to help me figure all of this out.

Jody mentioned on the last business Q&A that new coaches are expected to have 30 blog postings before webpages are even created, also that FB ads are developed and tested before webpages. I’m not sure how you even make FB ads work before there is a website developed. It seem backward to me. I am wondering what all LCS does for us to get the business up and running vs things we need to do before all of the business development even begins. I would like to get those things going now, if possible so that whatever names/emails I get from the health fair are not waiting many months on me to even get up and running.

I guess my question is: what should I already have in place vs what should I wait on. I want to be the best possible coach so I am willing to wait where I should wait. Yet I also want to provide services for clients that I receive between now and then, and I want to make sure that I have the resources to do that. I kind of feel like my coaching practice is wanting to come into form before I am ready, but I am willing to be courageous enough to ready myself early if necessary. I guess I’m just feeling very unsure about what LCS does for me vs helps me figure out vs expects me to do on my own.
Thank you so much for any guidance you can provide.
nervously excited,