Is my Niche narrow enough? Too fluffy/dreamy? Too Narrow?

Summary of my Niche:
“Empowering Female Dreamers in Conquering Melancholy and Confusion to Design a Magical Life”

Filled out the Niche form as follows:
1) Does your problem fit into one of these broad categories?
-> Not sure if it’s Relationships (Relationship with Self) or Health (To conquer Melancholy + confusion and design their dream life)??
2) Have you narrowed it down to a submarket within the larger market?
-> Female “Dreamers” who struggle with Confusion and Melancholy
3) What exactly would someone Google to find you? Some Ideas of what they would search:
->”How do I find my purpose?”
->”How can I get over my perpetual melancholy?”
->”How to know when to give up on your dream?”
->”How to reinvent myself?”
->”How to get clear on what to do with my life?”
->”Will dreamers ever actually accomplish their dreams?”
4)What is your solution to their problem and why is it compelling
->I help you accomplish your dreams through self reinvention and mind-set work
->I teach you how to conquer melancholy and confusion by helping you design a magical life
->I teach you how to capitalize on being a dreamer to actually accomplish your dreams
->I teach you how to navigate being the ups and downs of being dreamer to make your dreams your reality
->I provide you a compass to fast-track through the melancholy, self doubt and the confusion that kicks in when dreaming big and designing a magical life
->I teach you how to capitalize on being a dreamer rather then shaming it to find your purpose
->I teach you how to find your purpose and accomplish it by dreaming big and managing the inevitable

I would appreciate as much feedback/help as I can get – thank you in advance!