A bit stuck with biz transition

Hey there.
I am a bit stumped.
I am a health and wellness coach who has had a successful offline program, in weight loss, upwards of 50 clients per week between 2012 and 2016, mostly in weekly groups.

There was a biz partner in Sydney who was people pleasing and couldn’t ask for Monday but got lots of clients too.

I got burnt out and realised that these weren’t my ideal clients I was working with and that I had to sever ties with biz partner which I did amicably.

2 years later I am hiding behind an ‘imperfect’ online supported version of the program that we sell at double the price that I don’t want to deliver myself….but have a few great contract coaches who’d I’ve trained and who would love to have more clients but can’t market.

Transitioning to a different ideal client and an online environment has been hard so instead of trying and failing I have been what iffing myself.

What if the new niche doesn’t want this version of the program? What if they are too busy? Etc. I’m not fearful of rejection but rather wasting time and money on dead ends.

But I am not ready to give up because this program really gets results, people love it few programs the coaches sell do well. And I am sure I can make this a very successful business where I am control pilot – exactly what I want.

It just seems like a long and fraught road at times.

There must be a model i need to do (or 20) in this but I am not sure where to start – the big stuff or the small stuff?

Writing this helps as I can see the gaps, but, do you have any other insights to hit me between the eyes with? Thanks so much