A coaching client prospect signed up with someone else

I feel defeated, angry, resentful, and insufficient at the moment. Someone I gifted a complimentary session to on our follow up said she wanted to work with me. She said it. I didn’t even make the offer. After about a week, she never reached back out. She called me and said “Hey I wanted to be transparent and let you know that I hired someone else, and I am so excited and I wanted to thank you cause your session changed my life and really helped me develop the courage to hire this woman.”

When I heard her, I said, “Congratulations, I’m happy you made the best decision for you. I know you’re gonna do big things.” Then we kind of let each other go.

When I heard her say what she did I felt my energy completely drop. My thoughts currently:

-I’ve been working so hard and I’m not making enough money.
-See I was right…no one takes me seriously.
-People see me as a baby coach.
-I resent her for calling me.
-I’m not good enough.
-I’m too young.
-Maybe I should just focus on network marketing and leave coaching behind.
-Every time I gain some momentum coaching, something like this happens that breaks my heart and my spirits.
-I want to help people and make money.
-I’m tired of people just looking for the free shit.
-I can’t take action when I feel this way.
-I should stop gifting the complimentary sessions.
-Other coaches are better than me.

I feel so freaking heavy, like ugh. I just want to buffer and avoid and go play video games, but I know this is not what I should be doing right now. I’m also kind of angry.

Last month I did meet my goal of one new client and new consults, and I’ve been celebrating that, but I am letting this completely defeat me. I guess I just want to be at that point already where I am always creating my desired result. I want to be seen and viewed as a coach who knows what he’s doing. This person had a serious breakthrough with me…was it just not good enough?