A course that works

Hi, Brooke! My brain is spinning in confusion… My thoughts are; how do I teach my course effectively? I have all of these tools; specific suggestions on what action I want my clients to take, but from everything I’m seeing inside scholars, am I supposed to be teaching people how to feel better and the model? Always? Have I been coaching to the A line, and should be coaching to the T line? But I’m not sure how to do that exactly. I know how to tell people what to do, and what worked for me for them to try and do, but do I have this wrong? And instead I’m supposed to be coaching them on How to Feel Better and CTFAR? What am I missing or am I overthinking this like a crazy person?

I’m creating a video course that will solve a problem. The material is all what worked for me step-by-step. I want to make sure I convey it well but I get hung up on, “what to say exactly”, and “how do I say it”.

Thanks for your help