A few protocol questions :)

Hi Brooke/Jody and Coaches,

A few questions for you and very much appreciate your thoughts and feedback!

It is necessary that a life coach has a therapist on tap in case anyone reaches out to and the topics are past your scope of practice?

What does it look like for your business when you think about moving from sole proprietor to an LLC?

What is the protocol for choosing to open your home to sessions with your clients? (As in you could do online but also local have people come to your home. Have you ever done this before?)

What is the most efficient way to take payment that has worked for you? I’m having trouble remembering the scheduler that was mentioned that could also take payment. Do you offer anyone who comes to see you to always prepay?

Is there a certain number of consistent clients or media following where you create a group forum? (closed facebook group, groupspaces) these seem to be HUGE and at the same time if anything were to happen with Facebook, that means you need a whole other platform because you don’t own it)

Thank you so much!