A narrower niche with no definitive background.

Every time, I attempt to define “who” am I helping lose weight, I get stuck.

I chose weight loss because it isn’t a problem for me anymore. I have reached my goal weight.

I’ve had a business coach tell me I shouldn’t choose dating or relationships as my niche because I’ve not yet completely mastered it (but I have a lot of fun talking about it and coaching on it and am leaps and bounds from where I was. coaching has helped me here the most!). I’ve also been told I don’t need a niche. Not to worry about being specific. I’ve been advised “you are your own best client, talk to the you, you were 2 years ago” – but even she was never willing to pay for help in losing weight however, she was desperate enough to starve herself…

So weightloss for single, educated, professional mothers in their late 20s and early 30s, who have always struggled to lose weight and want to lose 20 lbs?

Is this specific enough?

I mean this was me. ALTHOUGH (is this a problem?) I was an Admin – never a lawyer, doctor or executive – and I only ever did some college, though I consider myself highly intelligent, educated, and ambitious.

Thank you! I’m ready to have this done and never think about it again.