A Perspective Client With Depression

Hi Brooke, I have a perspective client who is under depression and I’m not sure if I’m gonna take it although the sample session with him went well. He is a 19 year old boy and his mom found me after they tried therapy, counseling and even medical treatment recently. In their culture, it’s a kind of shame to be treated as a mental-ill patient and he refused to see doctor on regular basis. He ever worked with a social worker for counseling but since the service is not professional in his city, he felt not very helpful. Finally his mom came to me and want to give Coach a try. Surprisingly his son loved it after our sample coaching and felt finally there is a person who is able to help him. But shortly after then, he was sent to hospital by his mom because she saw some sign of suicide on her son. Now after a few days’ treatment, he is discharged and seen back to normal according to his mom. She wants his son to start coaching with me ASAP. But I never take such client and not sure how much I can help him. What shall I do now? What should I be aware and careful if finally I take him? Thank you Brooke!