About me page for Life Coaching site

Hi Brooke,

I am reviewing my website for areas to improve. Looking at my “about Anna” page. Any thoughts? What is the goal for about me page?

“I grew up in Russia wanting to be a teacher or a doctor. In my teens I moved to the United States where I bulldozed through college working, acquiring two degrees from the University of Minnesota and building a family.
It wasn’t until after I had settled into my post college married life in a big house working for a fast-paced company when hints of unhappiness started to circulate in my mind. Having been unsure about most things in life, I attributed my increasing anxiety to managing life with two small children.
Not much longer after my second baby was born, my marriage collapsed, what seemed like, without much notice and I had a choice between sinking further or finding the magic of life. It was then that I started the journey of coaching myself into feeling better, feeling worthy and less ashamed. In the process I helped my friends and friends of friends to feel better, learn to make decisions, persevere and thrive in any situation, and that’s when RoadMap2You Life Coaching was born.
When I am not creating content for RoadMap2You, I spend time exploring the world with my fiance Jeff and my children Michelle and Matthew or visit with my extended family who all reside in Minneapolis.”

Thanks for your help!