About Offers

I have been showing up and making offers to my audience with a Funnel.

Facebook Ads —> Webinar A —> Pitching an offer (online course A)

Less than 100 people registered to the webinar, 15 showed up and 2 bought the offer.

My thought: This is not enough, I need to change something.

1st iteration: Change only the webinar headline H1, content A, offer A –> 10% show up –> 0% bought offer A
2nd iteration: Same webinar headline H1, content B, offer A –> 10% show up –> 0% bought offer A
3rd iteration: Headline H1, content B, new offer B –> 10% show up –> 0% bought offer B

The Headline H1 seems to convert people to register to the webinar. The content A is adding value but not converting. And offer A is not irresistible.

Facebook Ads —> Webinar B —> Pitching a new offer (online course B)

I heard Brooke in the last call say that when we change everything, we’re like dancing in the starting line. So I had the thought: Maybe I am changing too many things, and confusing people and myself.


C: Making an irresistible offer
T: Maybe I am getting it wrong by changing too many things at the time
F: Confusion
A: Spin around with my offers
R: Doing too many changes at the time

I see here how my results are the evidence of what I am thinking and that the feeling of confusion is not serving me.


C: Making an irresistible offer
T: It’s a game, I am figuring out how to play it
F: Confidence
A: Change one thing at the time
R: Have a better offer that converts

Is my IM correct? Is there any resources in the Study Vault to help me with my offer?