Accepting Money for Coaching…

Recently – I had someone reach out to me via email for coaching on “overdrinking”. (Not “how to”, but “how not to” – even though, if the “how to” niche was there – I could rock that out.) Anyway – so I told the client I’d be happy to chat with her for an hour “for free, I don’t have anything to sell you” – and we set up a time. I coached her by phone and 45 minutes in, she said, “I really want to coach with you more. What would you charge me?” Um… wait what? So I did a quick little tap-dance (“Let me check my schedule and get back to you”) and then ran into my partner’s office.

Me: OMG! Someone wants to pay me for coaching!

Partner: I thought that was the point.

Me: Well, yeah… but I don’t know what to say…

Partner: How about… “Yes, I accept money for coaching”. I bet that would work.

SO… I was writing the email trying to make it an easy “Yes”. Like… “Let’s do $47 a session, week-to-week… cancel anytime! Cancel NOW if you want!” But then I erased that and wrote… “I have 2 packages – a 4-Session Package for $500 and a 6-Session Package for $750″… and she immediately wrote back and said “I’ll take the 4-session package” and she PayPal’d me the money.

I think I’m going to edit out “I don’t have anything to sell you” from my correspondence from now on (even though it worked REALLY well this time) and just be open to making offers – and be open to a “Yes” or “No”. But coach my little heart out – and coach my way to a “Hell Yes”. I’m more committed than ever, now I just have to work on thoughts/models to be courageous!

Anyway, just wanted to share. I think the Universe is pushing me forward. 🙂