Access and Pricing for Potential Clients

Brooke talks about Scholars being fun for her and her staff because people who WANT help come to the Life Coach School. I am offering a membership site for high school social studies teachers on dealing with race in the classroom. (I know other teachers will want to join as well, but I’ve picked social studies teachers as my target market because they have to teach the history of different ethnic groups.) There are always wonderful, enthusiastic teachers who want to be more racially-skilled. In addition, I am getting inquiries from school Principals and Superintendents of school districts. Signing up a whole school or district would, of course, bring in a lot more income but it also means that a lot of people will be in my Member Site (includes a private Facebook group for Q&A) who don’t want to be there. I’m used to dealing with resistance in my live seminars which are mandatory for staff. But should I keep my Member Site for those who choose to work on this issue (or suggest to Principals and Superintendents that they buy a group membership but make participation voluntary)? Thanks, SUE