Accountability Group with 4 other women.

In my network marketing business, I started an accountability group with 4 other women for our clients and customers. The time has come where’s I’m not sure if it’s working. I love these women and I love our group. However, since there Are 5 of us, there are a lot of different opinions and thoughts that we don’t all agree on. My most recent example is the theme for our group for February. Someone suggested “self-love”. I didn’t like it. It sounded boring and overdone. But, because we vote on it, I lost. A month long theme that I don’t love isn’t the biggest deal in the world, I could make it work. BUT it just reminded me that I don’t have total control over MY business.

I don’t necessarily want to take my clients out of the group (I have a larger amount of clients compared to the other girls) and start over in a new and fresh group, but I’m also not afraid to. I imagine we will continue to disagree on many topics and content within the group.

Can you help me decide what the smartest business decision would be? I’ve asked my future self and she doesn’t have a clue !