Achieving Financial Goals like…. WHAT!!?? :-)

I’m a professional VO actor who recently hit the 5figure/ year income mark (who also happens to be cleaning up debt, 20+ extra pounds, and some ‘interesting relationships’ ya know… the usual)

After going through both the Money and Entrepreneur classes, I decided that my financial goals concerning my business were too small. They weren’t scaring me enough like the initial ones did. So I took a bigger goal that scared the fuck out of me, and started writing it on the top of my planner, then I took a calculator and started breaking it down into a daily and weekly goal. $250/ day or $1250/ week.

Soon I started hitting this goal fairly consistently every week.

Then I started hitting the goal daily… that is I started hitting my WEEKLY goal DAILY. Not every day, but almost every day that I exceeded my daily goal… it wasn’t “a little over” it was either under the daily goal, or hitting or exceeding the weekly goal.

So upped the goal again. Now I am aiming for the 6 figure mark. No holds barred.

This isn’t so much a question, as a THANK YOU, but also wanted to point out, that there was very little mental or emotional drama about this. This is one of the areas where I can 100% without a doubt say, my mind is clean, my goals are clear, I have an action plan, and every day, I commit, recommit, and get to work. It’s becoming a beacon for me, for the other areas of my life that have some “juicier cupboards” to clean house on. Areas where there is loads of drama, thought, belief failure, etc.

It’s a beautiful thing.. simplicity. It’s freeing and so potent. I hope everyone gets to experience it. 🙂 ♥ yas!