Act as if…….🤔

The I keep hearing to “act as if” and to make decisions from our future self. BUT I feel as though this doesn’t add up.

Ex: If I’m planning my week- and I am making decisions from the future and future me makes a million dollars a year in my business…. I am not working Sunday. I would rest that day.
Ok-back to present day me, I’m still nowhere near making a million dollars- so I need to schedule work hours on Sunday. See what I mean? My future self has a different calendar than my present self.

Another small example I just thought of so thought I’d mention: future me has 300k followers on Instagram.
So when I plan my post today- I don’t need to think of 26 hashtags to use for my post. If I already have a 6 figure audience – I don’t need to “strategize”ways to get
More views and engagement since I know I’ll get plenty. Present day me, has 6k followers so I use hashtags to try to grow my account . My strategies / focus is different with a smaller audience.

Does this question make sense ? I just don’t know if we can really act as though fully – until we are there ? Future me would pay off my credit cards tomorrow- but since I don’t have the funds to actually do that TODAY, how the hell can I ACT like my future self ?

Please help clarify this so I can act my ass up to 7 figures.