Acting in Integrity

I am starting out as a wealth coach. I have a background in professional services having worked as a tax consultant for almost 10 years. I did not enjoy that role although it paid well and has given me some understanding of wealth creation and tax efficient strategies. That said I quit my corporate career upon the birth of my first child 6 years ago and since then have earned very little income through a separate business unrelated to wealth coaching. I have done a lot of internal work on my financial situation and that has led me to believe that with my background and this personal work I have a lot of value to add to busy working mothers who want financial security. That is my niche. My obstacle thought is that I feel somewhat out of integrity as I am not currently building wealth as I have no income. I believe that people can build wealth whatever their income level but that they do need to have some kind of income in order to build wealth. I currently do not have that income. Years ago I did and did not use it to build wealth. I am torn between knowing that I have a lot of value to offer others in a similar situation to me and feeling out of integrity as I am not able to do what I coach my clients on as I have no income yet. In my coaching I do focus more on the mindset side of wealth creation which I have a lot of personal experience doing but I also offer practical advice on how to manage money, which is the part I am unable to do at the moment as I have no clients yet. How can I align my value and what I believe I have to offer with my integrity around wealth building. I feel I am caught in a bit of a catch 22 at the moment. Thank you.