Actions – Results – 25 Epic Fails and the IG

The IG has been chosen (and yet my brain wants me to “lower it” to something more manageable – haha – I’m on to you brain!)

As I began to write out my 25 epic fails. I’m still not 100% clear just yet (but I know I’m getting closer ).

25 Actions – are to be Epic Fails (because we are choosing them to do in alignment with an expected outcome/result ) I believe this is the intention of the exercise.

When I started writing out my epic fails – some of my list looks like massive action – and some looks like results. So I would love some support around that.

1 – Sell 25 more tickets to my Live Event (I added this am – “by Feb 27th” – so that it wasn’t open ended)
2- Record – Post and Share 25 YouTube videos to my YouTube channel (I think something is missing here perhaps?) My reason for doing this is to increase awareness and visibility in my niche.
3- Be a guest on 10 podcasts (again for visibility in niche)
4- I will schedule all my actions and stick to my action list every day.

This is a small sample of what I wrote.

So my Qs are:
Am I on the right track?
I’m stuck at 20 and haven’t come up with 25 yet
My brain is like – well how is “this” going to make you money?

And finally can I use what my brain says IN my C line??