Admitting your fails

Thank you so much for talking about your fails that you are going through At this moment. I have always been a successful solopreneur. When i switched to working for my new company and working directly with my team, I struggled soooo bad. That’s how I found your podcast. I was searching for something to get my head straight. Listening to your past struggles was so helpful and motivating to hear about everything you have figured out. Your new struggles sound so much like what I went through last year. I have to laugh sometimes because I remember how hard it was and still is. You’re so fortunate that you know how to manage your mind. I thought I was dying last year until I found you. Seriously, went to a dr and was like, I think I’m dying. I can’t breathe. Yes-that’s called severe stress and anxiety. I am coming to your training in may. I can’t wait to meet you and learn more from you. You are kicking ass and paving the way for so many of us. I appreciate you so much!

See you soon!