Advice on Pricing and Judging Value

I’m struggling to differentiate my own sense of value from other people’s offers. I’m about to launch my membership to help people get free of persistent pain. My thought was to start at $149, with founding members getting the chance to lock in a forever 40% discount, so $89.

Seems logical enough, but I chose that number based on my desired income and membership levels. Which is a fine choice. However, I am finding my mind is thinking the value of what I’m going to be able to offer at the beginning of my membership isn’t up to that level BASED on what I’ve seen other people are offering at their price points.

How can I judge the value of my offer? Or should I find a way to up-level my offer? I don’t want to get into a cat & dog chase with myself!

You can see in my models there is a lot of confusion…

My models:
C: I’m about to launch a membership
T: My starting price is too high
F: I feel greedy, embarrassed, inexperienced
A: Hem & haw, look at other people’s pricing
R: I keep wavering on my price and don’t take action toward one choice or another

C: I’m about to launch a membership
T: I should lower my price
F: disheartened, relieved, less pressurized
A: I lower my prices
R: I enroll people at less than what I planned for –> concerned that I won’t show up as strongly for my membership because people aren’t paying as much.

C: I’m about to launch a membership
T: I should raise the value of my program
F: Worried about whether or not I’m capable of providing that level of value with what I’ve got right now, and also pressured, but desirous of achieving that level of value
A: Panic, figure it out, get work done that gets me to uplevel
R: I enroll people at the price I planned for –> concerned I’m not being honest with what I’m capable of right now.