Affording Scholars

C – 35 days left to make $1200
T – I may have to to cancel scholars if I don’t make money soon.
F – Scared
A – Not work as much, imagine what would it be like if I had no coaching support, tell myself I would lose the community and coaching support, tell myself that I am going backwards, not work as much in business, assume and accept that I can’t make money, wait for clients to come rather than taking proactive steps, doubt, worry, sleep, spin in worst case scenarios of what it would be like if I no longer have coaching, tell myself there are no good opportunities
R – I make it harder for myself to make money to afford scholars.

I want to continue paying for scholars but I want to take action coming from a place of commitment and determination or other feelings rather than fear, worry and doubt.

How do I process the emotions of fear or worry about not having the money the money to pay for scholars.