Afraid to grow

I recognized recently that I’m holding back in my business because of an idea that it is risky to bring on “too many” new clients at a time. Digging into this further showed me that I believe I am responsible for getting results for my clients, and I also expect the results of my clients to make me feel good about myself. When I have multiple new clients, I don’t see them getting tangible results yet, and doubt my skills and feel bad, then withdraw from promoting my business.

To get to my goal, I will need to consistently sign 3 new clients a month. I’ve been doing 2 the past 3 months and now I’m finding myself withdrawing from marketing my business.

C- new clients
T- they aren’t getting results
F- fear
A- withdraw from marketing
R- my business doesn’t grow

This model doesn’t seem quite right to me and I’m having a hard time separating all the thoughts and feelings. When I think about where I’d like to be and what I want to intentionally think, feel, do, I come up with this:

C- new clients
F- courage
A- post consistently in FB group, make offers, send consistent emails
R- 3 new clients in April

I have identified I need courage for this but struggling with a thought. Help! Thank you!