After meeting with a consultant, my energy feels rock bottom

I have an online business and had a call with an “expert” who almost all of the people in my niche industry listen to. I feel completely wiped out. I had a call with this expert years ago, and it was very overwhelming. Going into today I was trying to be positive, because this person has a lot of insight about how to be competitive in my industry and taking some of their advice helped me do some things better in my business. I would say I took about 25% of the advice the last time, and it helped me get to where I am, but also other skills I developed outside of the knowledge helped as well so it’s not like they get all the credit there.

So anyway, with all the advice given from today’s call, and the technical things that have to be done to adhere to the standards of Google to rank my website online, it feels like it completely changes my job and makes my day to day work less enjoyable. It would add on a lot of time at the computer to implement these changes to 300+ pages on my website. So I’ve thought, I can just use this information for the top posts and for new posts I create on my site. But the person told me not to make new content, to just fix all the old content that has technical computer issues in the code. But I’ve been enjoying my work lately so much more, because I’m producing a ton of new content which is creative for me and feels good. And my website stats have been increasing for a couple months.

Another thing, is this person said to completely wipe out basically personal anecdotes on my site. But people specifically reach out and say they like my little stories that are added on to the more factual article text. It feels like these things I write are my personality and give people a connection to me as a person instead of being a random site where they get information.

So I’m very puzzled and confused and am not someone who usually gets headaches, but I’m completely wiped out from this call. I’ve been in a very positive state for a while and went into the call with new ways I want to give value back to people, and this person also said not to add extra things and to just focus on what I’ve been doing.

I’m trying to realize if I’m giving this person too much power because it feels like the entire call 2+ hours was just about everything that’s wrong with the website. And that I think I can’t enjoy my work anymore because all this non creative stuff I “have to fix” would be less enjoyable way to spend my time. From a coaching call I had earlier this week, I realized that I wanted to grow my podcast to provide more value to people, but this “expert” told me it’s not worth it and other people in my niche who try to have podcasts don’t do well. So I’m really confused.

I think I’m taking everything this person said as fact. The things I had planned in my Monday model for the rest of the week now seem pointless because they are the creative parts of my job (making videos, doing voiceovers, writing content) that this person said not to do. It’s almost as if I need to forget that I spoke to this person and just do what I was doing before the call. Any things to consider would be helpful as I’m obviously still processing this. My next coaching call is next week. Thanks!