After the first course, what’s next?

I’m in the middle of teaching my first online course. AND I’M LOVING IT. I have 14 paid people. I did very minimal marketing/advertising this first go around, so having 14 paid people seems to indicate that there’s some interest. The feedback I’m getting is phenomenal. People are reconnecting to themselves, having creative break throughs, picking up old passions they used to love. The course is a photography and creative writing 6-week workshop with inspiration and influence from positive psychology. I’m at the halfway point and need to figure out what to offer this core group next. I’ve heard from a few that they want to know what else I’ll be offering. The initial course was inexpensive $97. I’m thinking that I could offer a higher priced boutique mastermind for a small group focused on creative courage, launching big projects etc. (I have a longtime marketing background, but I don’t want to implement marketing anymore). Or I could start to build a membership program. I’d love to have a robust membership program and a mastermind in the future. Wondering which to focus on first. As far as financial impact goes, I’m guessing that the mastermind would be more lucrative in the short term, but building a membership program would be more of what I want for the long-term. I’m curious to know what you suggest for next steps. Or do I move on from this 14 and constrain my business building year to this initial course and charge a bit more for it (and do a lot more funnels/marketing etc.). I know from previous business experience, it costs a lot more to constantly have to have brand new customers, than it does to offer new things to existing customers. Obviously, I know I need to drive more traffic to the top of my funnel, right now, because my following is highly engaged, but pretty small. And I know that constraining to the one course will make it better all the way around. But I don’t want to lose sight of the big picture (membership program) nor do I want to just say goodbye to the first 14 and then have nothing else for them. Would love to know what you recommend.