Agony over decisions

Ok I’ve been anguishing around making a decision about my business. I have most of my following on social media that is Portuguese speakers. But I live in USA and I’d like to get clients in USA. I have literally 0 people from USA that are potential clients following me. I’m dreading to start a new account to do everything in English because my thought is I’ll look stupid talking to no one, it’s going to take so much time and effort. And I’m afraid to lose my other followers. In the meantime I’m still posting in Portuguese, but feeling resentful because I’m wasting my time with them. They won’t become my clients as these past 2 years I couldn’t close one sale. Believe me, I’ve tried. I just want to give that up and move on with the courage to do lives and make offers in English in social media. I just don’t want to bring that mindset to this new part of my business building journey. Thank you!