All-consuming anxiety over continued shutdown

I am the proud owner of four fitness studios in Michigan, which remain shuttered by the Governor for 15+ weeks and counting. Only one of my studios had opened prior to COVID, the other three were scheduled to open this summer. Obviously, they’re not going to.

I can’t sleep, I can’t think or talk about anything other than the shutdown (the unfairness of it all, the injustice, the helplessness). I am operating at a baseline 10 of anxiety. I cry all the time, I feel stuck and hopeless. I am trying to change my thoughts, but it feels like trying to turn around the Titanic. Below are a two examples of where I’m trying to be, but it doesn’t feel right. Any insight would be appreciated.

C: gyms shut down in Michigan for more than 15 weeks
T: I will lose my entire investment and all studios
F: Panic
A: Obsess over news, cry in bed all day
R: I am stuck and miserable

C: Gyms closed in Michigan indefinitely
T: This will never end, and there’s nothing I can do
F: Panic and depression
A: Spin anxious thoughts all day long trying to plan and cover all contingencies
R: I am consumed with negativity and overwhelm

C: Michigan gyms shuttered indefinitely
T: ?
F: Calm, serenity
A: Focus on things I can change or over which I have control
R: Keep living my life and showing up as my most authentic self