All in

Hi Team Brooke!
I hope this is fine to post here.
I’m coming to coach training in September. Whoop! And since pulling the trigger on my decision to do so, have really upped my ante in respect of how I’m bringing value and help into the world. I have a group of ladies who I coach for two hours in my home every Friday morning- for free – and this has been an amazing classroom for me to practice walking others through what I’ve learned this last year in scholars (I became diamond this month. Whoop whoop!).
I’m still in my part time job which I love and will be genuinely sorry to leave when I become a coach and have found that there I’m coaching my colleagues almost daily. I mentioned to my boss, who is a very senior member of our organization, that I really feel our team could do with some structured coaching to help people manage their minds through some changes our practice is going through which some people are quite frankly really freaking out about and to cut a long story short, I’m co-presenting a workshop with her on Monday to 60 people, where I will explain the thought model and bring some volunteers through the model with their “homework” which and was to identify the top 5 thoughts they have about their current work situation.
I’m simultaneously wildly excited about the opportunity to spread the message (I am evangelical about this work) and nervous that I’m trying to run before I can walk.
Do you have any advice for me? I’m managing my mind around thoughts like “not everyone here wants to be coached and Brooke says you should never start to coach people who haven’t indicated that they wish to be coached” and “I’m not a certified coach, what business do I have doing this?”. My thoughts are clean and I can access “people can hear what they want to wear. Not everyone loves peaches” and “I’m going to be a great coach, I have to start somewhere” easily.
I guess I’m wondering if you have any advice in this context. It feels appropriate to check in with the mother ship before embarking on this particular mission!
Much love and gratitude