Alternatives to fb ads and being online for marketing?

I went through the entrepreneurial program and was all excited to start making offers until I came across a moment where Brooke said that the offers are supposed to go to people who have already opted into something free from you. Does this mean that this method only works for those who are going to use facebook ads, funnels, and building their email list? I did all of this in my last business and got really burnt out spending so much time on the computer. And I’m definitely not excited to be on facebook or social media in general.

1. Are there other options other than fb ads?
2. Is there a way to do this without having to do all the drip marketing? I had thought of the target niche of naturopaths, nutritionists and dietitians who want to double their business by doubling the results of their weight loss clients. I thought this would be a great way to “bypass” the fb ads because all naturopaths, nutritionists, and dietitians’ phone numbers and email addresses are online. I can have conversations with them directly and make an offer right there on the phone. [until I came across the one part of the course where Brooke mentions that you shouldn’t do because it’s a cold call].
3. If this in fact is the way she is teaching and recommending – I suppose I’d be willing to try it again. But I wonder if there’s a recommended amount to spend per month on an ad and what reach and all the backend fb details we should do. When I did this in my prior business I always felt like I must not be spending enough for it to work. I felt like maybe there’s a certain spending threshold you have to pay beyond in order to see results. I kept spending $50 here, $50 there, $100 here, $100 there – with not much action. I wonder if you need to spend $1000 in order for it to “work.”
4. If there’s any way to make offers without having to be in my computer, I’d love that resource!

If you have any insights on this or could point me towards a resource that does, that would be amazing. I really want to commit and do this. I trust that I can have a different experience than I did my first go at all this. But I want to make sure I’m being smart with how I spend my money on advertising.

Thanks in advance!