Am I ‘allowed’ to think my thought?!

Dear coaches

I have recently started a self-paced learning program.

I’m happy to go along at my own pace – I enjoy my current day job and wish to keep it for 18 months at least as it is tied to a visa in my current country of residence (where I want to live). I don’t have a great desire to have a full time coaching practice until then and I’m excited to be working towards getting clients on the side.

But I don’t know if I am ‘allowed’ to do this?

I’m having a lot of competing thoughts about this, though.

The administrators of the program will expect you to move through the course faster than this
You should have chosen a different route if you aren’t going very fast in this course
Maybe you are telling yourself you are in no hurry because you are scared to move forward
You’re not getting the full benefit of the course if you are not moving forward along with everyone else
Maybe your brain is tricking you and you are just scared
You should be working harder

How can I tell which of these thoughts are ‘true’ and worth listening to? None of them feel good!

C: enrollment in self-paced program
T: I should be working faster through this track
F: Pressure
A: question my thoughts, try and figure out if I have ‘got it wrong’ and I ‘should’ be trying to build a business quicker, compare myself to other coaches, do not enjoy where I am, feel obligated to work ‘more’ on the course
R: convince self I should be working faster / creating evidence for where I am lacking

(how is my result?)

The thought I want to believe is:
I can take as long as I need to work through the course.

But, I don’t know if I am ‘allowed’ to think that.