Am I entitled to start a blog to help people if I’m not always at the top of my game?

I have an idea for a blog, which consists in helping freelance parents to reconcile and combine family life and work. I am a (french) mother of 2 and I’m a freelancer for 6 years now, and I have a lot to say to help mothers and/or fathers who are starting their freelance career and struggling (with their schedules, habits, days, tools, status, different situations etc). But my question is: am I entitled to help people, am I qualified enough and credible to advise people – when I’m not a millionaire for example? Or when I’m sometimes tired and lost as well? And if sometimes I’m still struggling? I feel that I have solved a lot of problems and overcome a lot of obstacles and I really want to help people in the same situation, but I haven’t solved like EVERYTHING and I’m not ALWAYS at the top of my game, so I’m afraid I dont have the right to start this :-/
Thanks for your help!