Am I getting my offer right?

I am a divorce attorney and certified life coach.

I am getting offers out there in a number of ways and will now try some workshops. I want to know if I am on track as to my offers and value.

Tagline Options:
1. Considering divorce? Get clear on what you want and why and create a plan of action to a happy life.
2. Are you stuck in divorce paralysis? Let me take you from living in confusion to clarity and the steps to the life you want.
3. Stop worrying and Googling about divorce and get the answers you need to happiness.
4. A workshop for those struggling in their marriages to clarity and a way to move on.
5. Living in confusion as to divorce? Get the clarity you need to move forward to the life you deserve.

“You’ve asked your closest friends (including Google), spent hours on the internet in search of answers and unable to sleep contemplating divorce.

Here’s the thing, your negative thoughts and negative energy can be redirected to positive thoughts that provide clarity on how to get through the divorce in a safe place that makes sense for you and your family.

I know it’s true because I’ve seen it with my clients time and time again. They move forward and on to their best life without anger, pain and guilt.

It’s why I’ve created this workshop and want you to attend. So I can help you do the same.

From Clarity to Confusion: Understanding Divorce on March 17th from 11:45 am to 12:45 am.

It’s the absolute way to get clear on why you are thinking the thoughts you are, and not moving forward with the life you want. So let me help you get an understanding on the next steps and walk away with a plan of action.

I will help you through your thoughts about divorce and how to change them to thoughts that serve you and your family.

Then I’ll walk you into the life you want and deserve. I’ll explore the divorce options and break it down so it’s easy and not scary – promise!

Finally, I’ll be giving you the steps I give to my clients on taking action and envisioning what that will look like for you.”

So the above in the “quotation” is my conversation with the potential client that I will place in a short video.

Would love to know your thoughts.