Am I just a crazy masochistic workaholic, or am I looking to buffer?

I definitely consider myself an A+ personality.
I get oodles of work done in my business.
I plan with precision and teach others to do the same.
I see results in my life, but I do this thing to myself —
I never TRULY take time off because in the back of my mind, I think: “Taking days off is for losers. I’m not a loser.”

I take care of my body- I workout Monday through Friday, do yoga and meditate after every workout, (and I totally stay connected and in the moment) but the idea of taking time off is never on the schedule, never on the table. No white space.

Usually taking time off is forced — case in point – the weekend comes and I’m going my son’s soccer game, or an event at school, vacation, etc., I cheerfully want to do these things — but there’s also a level of guilt because I’m not working because I LOVE it. If I were single, I would never EVER stop working on my business – I do love it that much, but I’m also plagued with the thought: stopping for a full day on Friday that all will fall apart when I come back to it. Just writing this seems absurd because I know there is no truth in this sentence.

So question – is it really OK to take a full day off and enjoy myself, or is this buffering and avoidance?

Because my business is still growing, I’m of the mind that I need to bleed from my eyeballs for a few years before I see success. Then … I can take a day off!

I’m I just a crazy masochistic workaholic? How can I convince myself that taking time off for an entire day will help me be more productive, and that it’s not being irresponsible?