Am I missing anything??

I know that Brooke says that if you truly believe something, you will have the results to prove it true. My goal is to make 100K as a coach (50K from my current biz of personal training and 50K in my new biz as a nutrition coach). As of end of July my business has made a little over 30K – with only $500 coming from my new biz.

Here’s what I’m doing:
Weekly videos on IG that I also share to FB.
Weekly newsletter to people on my list (current list is 148)
IG posts 5x a week, plus IG stories 5x a week (these get shared to FB also)
Min of monthly blog posts – have done 14 so far this year
Attaching freebie/opt-in to the blog post or promoting on social media- I have made 4 so far this year
Doing FB ads on the freebies to grow list
New-ish goal of 1 networking event per month – currently have done 4

Currently, I practice believing that what I am doing is working. That if I show up, “they” will show up. It feels like I am in belief. Occasionally, a little “compare and despair” comes up, but I can move past it quickly. I feel determined and destined that coaching is what I am supposed to be doing in life.

Am I missing anything? Should I be doing more/less of something? Or does it look like I have the necessary components in place and I just need to keep showing up?