Am I not ready, or am I self doubting?

Hello Again Beautiful Brooke and Coaches,

So I’ve been watching the overeating workshop. I see I keep changing my Niche! Because I don’t want to committ! First I wanted to make my Niche lower back pain, then depression, then Over drinking then over eating! Then fucked up relationships women have over and over again. I really want to do over drinking. Though everyone knows me as someone who has a wine so I’m scared of the ridicule. Plus, you wouldn’t believe this. I used to crave wine the moment I didn’t have anything to commit to, so sometimes 9am on a Saturday morning! And every single night I would drink wine. There is no way in the world I could cook without drinking wine. Especially when it came to making risotto. And I’m talking a bottle of wine a night, sometimes 2 if I started drinking early enough. I’ve been following the stop over drinking only for a few weeks. I am telling you I could never ever contemplate not drinking and cooking. Last night I even made risotto, and I was out and about so I could have bought wine (for the risotto of course hahah) though I processed my feelings first. I feel like I am so in control. I feel like I don’t get the desire! I see people drinking and I think, dude, if you could know how fucking amazing you would feel in your life if you decided to feel rather than drink! How will I know when I’m ready to teach this to others? How long does this have to take? I just want the whole world to know this! Am I self doubting? I also am kinda like a fart in a bottle, I get an idea and I run around like a crazy person excited before I’m really ready. Or maybe I am ready and I can do this, I think I can.