Am I quitting or am I adjusting my plan?

I have a plan for my business. I am a lawyer, and lawyers are heavily regulated regarding the ways they can advertise and the ways they must “be” in an attorney / client relationship. My plan was to offer contracts on my website for new business owners that are template contracts for an affordable price that are “fillable” by the business owners. I wanted to have NO attorney client relationship since I am just offering for sale the contract and the purchaser fills it out one their own, albeit with a video that I create that guides them.

I spoke with an ethics lawyer, and he threw up a few objections to this and said I was putting a target on my back. My malpractice insurance is also not happy and could drop me. Is changing the way I do this (to something that sits more comfortably with my legal counsel and my insurance) actually “quitting”? I suspect that where I land on this might be very different from what I first envisioned, and it certainly won’t have the impact I originally thought. SO, am I giving up or am I altering my plans to fit what makes sense?

My question is “Is changing your goal and plan so vastly from what you originally set out to do actually just quitting?”?

It feels like I am quitting. But, I am also scared to proceed for fear of an ethics issue because I practice law in a traditional way, too and I’d like my law license to remain unblemished. My legal counsel told me he would help me do it in a way that isn’t as risky, but still, I suspect what that looks like will be far from what I originally set out to do.