Annoying member

I have a Facebook group for my audience. Its free and anyone can join, they don’t have to have bought one of my courses. They just have to be positive and have this particular medical condition that I specialize in.

I am proud to have created a safe positive space. However there is one woman in there that is triggering me +++. I don’t think she has the medical condition that everyone else has. I think she might work in the field herself.

When I ask a question that get people to share to there personal experience she will say things like ‘well that doesn’t happen for everyone, but is known is and then talk in general terms….’ It’s like she is purposely picking about my expertise or experience. I want to delete her from the group. But I thought before I do, I thought I would figure out why she is triggering me so much in case she isn’t as bad as she feels right now.

When I read one of her comments I get a flash of anger and that I have to defend myself.
Thanks in advance