Annoying Supplier

I have a supplier that is being an as$hole. They always have been.
And now I am ready. Rather than being helpless, rather than fighting back, I am using the model.
Super pumped.

I ordered a bunch of material from them and paid 50% .
One material is a total of $15 K the other $3k
I have paid $7k and $1600 K each order, respectively.
Two weeks ago we asked when we could expect the $15 K order.
They said they couldn’t supply it unless we had a letter saying we are an essential service.
We aren’t. So we pivoted away from the order and needing the material to focus on other things.
We also asked them to not ship the remaining of the $3k order, and they said it was already shipped. (which I found out today it hadn’t – it is on a skid and wrapped getting ready for payment)
I asked them to use the amount $7 k we had paid for the $15 K order to pay the remaining of the $3 K order.
They said we have a better option, we will now supply you with the $15 K order.
I told them that wouldn’t work because we already pivoted away from needing the product at this time.
They wanted to call me. (Not a good idea, since I want this all documented)
I said yes, but I first wanted to understand and clarify the problem. I didn’t want to get into a phone call without documentation.
They said no and proceeded to send us invoices with the wrong amount for the $3 K order. They double billed us (separate issue)
I outlined what I saw the problem to be … the facts… not the drama.
Facts that everyone would agree with in a court of law. (and the emails to support it)
They disagreed and wanted to get on the phone.
I said sure, but I wanted first to know where they disagreed.
They haven’t got back to me yet.

I am SO proud with how I am moving through this, feeling and not spinning, but I know there is more work.
In the model below, I was able to feel my feelings and chose a different action.

Here is my model.

C- material.
T1- Those f*cking as$holes.
T2 – Why Me?
F1- pi$$ed off
F2 – Helpless
A1 & 2 – Models, step away from the computer, talk to my assistant, comb through the emails.
R1&2 – Didn’t blow up.

(This is so good to feel angry and helpless AND use the model while feeling that)

And, there is more. I know I have judgemental thoughts about them. And there is a feeling behind my heart that is angry, so I am also contemplating this model.

C- people at material company
T- Those F*cking A$$holes
F – Angry
A – Avoiding getting on phone
R – No resolution

I don’t totally like this one though… because I am not really avoiding getting on the phone, I am wanting the documentation before I get on the phone. I don’t want them to take advantage of me.

So maybe it is

C- people at material company
T-I don’t want them to take advantage of me
F – ready to fight
A- strategizing preparting
R- dukes are up “ready to go”

I am not sure that is entirely bad (hahah), but maybe not full of love. So maybe….

C – people at material company
T- interesting that they think this way
A-kind emails, direct, “I love you and no”
R- I am clear

There is more for me to uncover… thanks for your help.