Another Niche Question/Full time employee

Hi Brooke,

I am building my coaching practice! I have an interview for TLCS next week and very excited. I have my 1st paying client too, and presently coaching 3 people, coached 2 people end of last year. My topics have been all over the place but primarily weight loss.

I also work full time and will most likely keep my day job as I build my business. I work in an IT company, I recently proposed to my director that I offer coaching to our staff and she approved that idea. I had always imagined doing my coaching around work and wellness – ie work life stress and anxiety, performance and productivity, managing work relationships, etc. I want to work with individual contributors asked to become a leader, especially women in tech.

In the evenings I have a weight loss facebook group that is starting to get traction. I teach every week, and have found my evening clients wanting to discuss weight loss, but not everyone. I am coaching one person from my weight loss group on career transition, another on relationships, and another last year on money. I figure you will have me pick a niche when I get to coach training, and right now is more like experimentation. Those that I am coaching/have coached came to be because they knew me – I didn’t do any marketing. Here is my question, is niche more for marketing? I love your tools and know I can help anyone, especially after I dive in at certification. For the most part, I just say I am a life coach working in tech then explained how I have helped other people. I see that people just want a coach, they are not concerned with my niche.

Am I just avoiding choosing and feeling like I am missing out?