Anxiety leading to tiredness

Hello amazing coaches, I am very anxious about a goal that I am pursuing. The anxiety is making me really tired and exhausted.  I know that I need to change my thoughts but also need to process the anxiety. Maybe my tiredness is coming from my resistance to the anxiety?
I have a bill to pay (a lot of money) on September 1st and I don’t yet have the money. That’s what I am working towards. If you asked me if I will have the money on September 1st, I’d say yes, but I still have anxiety.  I do believe I’ll have the money but at the same time I obviously don’t believe that or I wouldn’t be so anxious.
I’d like to not be so tired. But would you say to me, “What happens if you just are tired? Why don’t you just accept that? You’re achieving a goal you’ve never achieved before, you’re going to be tired, that’s ok”.  Is it ok?  Or could I say, “I want to achieve this goal easily, with no stress.” (aaaaaaargh!)  O.k. achieve this goal easily with no stress.  I can feel calm when I say it to myself, but I can almost feel my brain saying, “Oh no, you can’t achieve that goal without anxiety.”  But what if I can? How do I think that thought without it making me tired?  Please could you not say, “I don’t understand why you are so tired”.  Each piece of work that I am undertaking makes me exhausted, the kind where I shut my eyes at the computer.
If you said, “just get through this” I think that would be under my base line acceptance of how I want to feel (I don’t want to feel like this because it is really exhausting).  I am working hard, and concentrating, and keeping going. Normally I would feel o.k. after a good night’s sleep.  Now I’m not sleeping very well.  Is this what it feels like when you are on your way to achieving your goal?  Please advise and thank you in advance.