Anxiety towards a colleague

In my company, I often work with a colleague older than me, who knows more about the company processes than I do (even if I’m there for 4 years), and despite my experience and self-confidence, her attitude gives me (OUCH SORRY: what I think about her attitude… :-)) ) makes me feel incompetent. As a result, I get flustered and become even more incompetent – proving perfectly by the result the original thought, I know, the model succeeds every time haha.

I plan to expose the problem during one of my next coaching sessions, but could you already help me to establish an intentional model to approach my days more serenely? And this in spite of the past with this person (we never got along that well I guess), her attitude, etc?

I wonder if I should have a conversation with her to clear the air. Or if changing my relatioship with her only on my end, as Brooke often tells us we can, is enough.

Thank you very much for your help!