Any kind of business?

My younger sister is a recently graduated jewelry designer and bench jeweler. She has a small but growing online and word of mouth business selling her casual designs to mostly west coast/beach-oriented women and is recently doing more high end bench work in wedding ring design for brides/couples. Her birthday was a few days ago. I asked her to check out the “double your business” webinar and if she is interested, I would fund the first 4 months of her SCS membership to get her started as a birthday gift.

I have not explored the business materials much, I am focused on Monday Hour One at this time… from listening to a few of the business coaching calls it seems that the majority of business scholars are in coaching, but there are some product/design driven businesses as well and that the work is really like the rest of scholars, about giving you tools to understand yourself, your mindset and the world to break through your obstacles.

I think there is plenty here that she will enjoy and find useful in business– just want to check if her business (G.I. A graduated jewelry making and design) is a suitable business type for the program. Thank you!