Application for a Mini Session?

Hi Brooke,

I am a nutritionist and coach who sees clients exclusively online. And I only work in packages (3 months minimum).

To date, I have been offering a free, 30-minute session (kind of like your “mini session”) to establish rapport and close sales. Prospective clients have been able to book through Acuity directly from my site.

However, I have been getting lots of CRAZY MOFOS who have no intention of investing and just want to pick my brain. It’s exhausting me.

I have decided to have the first step be an application that they fill out via a Google form. If we are potentially a good fit, I will schedule the mini session with them. I am hoping this weeds out some crazies and creates a feeling of exclusivity.

Do you see any potential drawbacks to this, or any reason you wouldn’t recommend it?

Thanks so much!