Approaching a private medical school and residency program about providing coaching for the students.

I’m interested in providing 1:1 and/or group coaching to medical students and residents in a private school. They do not currently have any type of resource like this. This is SO needed today because of the startling burnout and suicide rate in these fields.

I have no problem speaking with them about the need for this resource, but unsure how to structure payment from the school. I think they would be interested because of the concern for the wellness of the students in today’s world of burnout and suicide. I believe the school will be willing to pay AND I’m not sure the students would have the money or understand the value ahead of time. I know they would appreciate the value after getting coaching.

I’m considering a flat fee to be available, then according to how many coaching hours I am requested to provide. I know you will be hesitant to give me a number for the “flat rate” like to introduce the program and provide a few informational sessions AND to be available for coaching. Can you give me a resource of where I could turn to get an idea of a number that would seem reasonable? I”m super excited about this opportunity. I CAN set a price for my hours of coaching…’s that “fee” I”m referring to that I need a bit of advice on. Thanks so much.