$ART sales in 2020. Not happening yet.

Hello coaches,

I’ve 4 unintentional models. I tried to make an intentional that really feels true, I can’t come up with anything that really works for me.
The last months I’ve brought this topic again and again to my 20″ coaching sessions. My mindset for taking actions to sell my art.
I honestly have been doing all I wanted to do since March, but no results (yet). I feel less and less optimistic I’ll sell. Is patience what I lack?

I love painting, during lock down I’ve been painting more than ever, made my website, post every day. Became part of an artist community. Still.

C. No art sales in 2020, so far
t. I’m not taking enough massive action since I do not sell my art.
F. incapable (also scared)
A. Paint every day, do my website, do Instagram posts, do not (marketing/sales) actions that require personal contact, stay in my studio.
R. nothing new, no sales

C. No art sales in 2020, so far
T. Still 5 1/2 month to go in 2020
F. pressured/stressed
A. keep painting, ask all kind of people/restaurant/cafe’s if I can expose my art in their places, don’t make a plan; be in a hurry, not focused, back to my studio as a I’ve done my ‘duty’ of putting myself out in the world, action-based behavior-not result driven behavior.
R. Spend a lot of time with ‘busyness’ without results

C. No art sales in 2020, so far
T. I better give up (this thought comes up some days, I don’t give in, but it is there often as ‘solution’)
F. Failing, also shame
A. Don’t even paint anymore, try to put my mind to something else instead,
R. No sales

C. No art sales in 2020, so far
T. Others do sell, not me
F. Jealous (also shame for thinking this)
A. Comparing my art, comparing my prices, beating myself up for not doing enough sales-wise, complaining to my sister, do my ‘tasks on my calendar’ often with resentment: the wrong vibe/energy for success.
R. Others sell, not me

Sometimes I think; ” what if all these thoughts are the 50% negative?” I can accept that, but the energy, the feelings, the mindset it generates doesn’t help me forward. Thank you for your suggestions and help.