Articulating niche/worksheet feedback

Hi Brooke! Thank you for making yourself available. Such a gift 🙂

I am starting a money coaching business for moms. My background is in finance but I don’t love being an advisor in terms of the math-investments-products, I love it in terms of helping people overcome confusion, shame and discomfort. There’s a lot of pain out there when it comes to money, and I want to contribute to changing that.

My solution is a combination of basic money education, values-based goal-setting, and mindset re. both money and relationships. And this may be where I’m covering too much in one niche.

Your niche worksheet has been so, so helpful. I’d love feedback. Here it is:

Broad category: I get stuck even here because in my view, all 3 🙂 Ha! Wealth and Relationships

Sub-market: Married moms of multiple school-age kids who manage the family budget without much/any support from a spouse.

Google search: I don’t know how to budget; my husband wants me to make all the decisions; sharing financial responsibility in marriage; money stress marriage; my husband doesn’t care about money/not responsible with money

Solution: I teach you how to be the family money manager with peace, confidence, and purpose…. (not sure what else here, but think I need something about the spouse – everything I come up with sounds too negative and harsh, like “without having to coerce your husband to sit through family budget meetings”)

I have personal experience with this issue – while I’ve worked in finance and it may have made sense for me to handle our family budget, I still found it super stressful because my husband had absolutely no interest. So much of what I see online about marriage and money is about having a partnership, getting your beta male to step up and be a man and take responsibility, etc., etc. I took his lack of involvement to mean he didn’t care about me, our family, or our future. The truth is, my husband is a man! He does a ton for our family, is super responsible, and his strength isn’t managing money, so OK. For years I was resentful, focused on how “alone” I felt in making decisions, I felt burdened and so on.

Now, with much thanks to you, I have such a different perspective. The truth is I enjoy managing our money, and I’m good at it. I know that if I want his input, all I need to do is ask. Our values are in sync so far as the big stuff, so I don’t often need to talk through money decisions with him. While I once feared making mistakes, I now see that was my own perfectionism at work. And he trusts me completely – what a compliment! Where I once felt burdened, I now feel honored and respected. The idea of everything being fair and shared responsibility does not work in our marriage. And he does a lot of things I want no part of!! 🙂

This has changed our marriage. All of the frustration I was carrying over this issue bled into the rest of our relationship, and he was pretty unclear about the whole manual I had running in the background. Brooke, thank you!

So, I’m now giving way more info than I’d planned, but this is where I’d like to focus – helping the women who are where I was, but without the finance background, and even more frustrated and uncertain. I don’t want my copy to sound negative or husband-bashing. I’m having trouble articulating it concisely. Obviously. That’s why I went on and on! And that makes me think that I may still be too broad.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Much love to you!