ASD Niche and Overcoming Negative Thoughts About Clients

Hi Coaches,

I am currently building my life coaching business, but I keep coming up with this “snag” of a thought.

My niche is focusing on the mothers of children that are recently diagnosed with ASD. Mainly how to handle the emotions and shock of the initial diagnosis, the grief that follows with the loss of the child they had always imagined, how to care for themselves physically/mentally by creating “me time” without mom guilt and judgments of others.

With that being said, I know intellectually that there are mothers out there that can easily afford my services, but I also know that more families than not that I have met within the autism community, cannot afford extra services like life coaching.

How do I complete this model – and make it believable for me? I’m hung up on the thought, “All families with autism are poor.”


C: My coaching business
T: Mothers that have children on the spectrum can barely make ends meet.
F: Anxiety/Fear
A: Research and research, and buffer with more research.
A: Not take any action.
R: I don’t find the clients I am looking to offer services to.
R: I fail.

C: My coaching business
T: There are so many mothers out there that will be forever grateful for my help and resources.
T: I change their lives for the better with my experience as a mother of a child with ASD.
F: Thrilled/ Pleased/Excited
R: I have a waitlist for my amazing coaching and services!

Thank you for your help! You’re all amazing!